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The purpose/content of Educated Health Professionals is to educate physicans in the reading of rapidographs and performing and reading ultrasounds - to provide more rapid diagnostic information to the physican, resulting in earlier diagnosis in critical presentations such as aneurysms and traumatic fluid and ectopic pregnancies. To provide greater patient satisfaction by having a more rapid disposition

The target audience is emergency physicans, radiology residents, Internists and family practice physicans who would read radiographs and ultrasounds. The types of activities are internet/CD ROM enduring materials using multimedia where the viewer can experience the complex visual spatial relationships, and interact with the radiographs for example with drag and drop. The expected results is that more physicans will use the ultrasound and be more comfortable with radiographs. This can be measured in follow-up surveys as to the number of physicans using ultrasound after the enduring material is on the mark.

The purpose of Educated Health Professionals is really to foster better communication and working relationships between physicans of different specialities. From my experience with the medical malpractice arena and a study on X-Ray interpretation by emergency physicans and radiologists, we practice medicine in an exemplary manner with an extensive applied clinical experience. Where we fall short is working together as a team. Many cases of malpractice are due to lost data, or poorly commnucated data.

Educated Health Professionals through its ultrasound program is interested in facilitation the trend for non-radiologists to perform this test. the best patient care is there the radiologist is present at the bedside with the clinician working as a team. It is not practical to have a radiologist 24 hours a day. Literature is evolving that suggest that this can be learned by clinicans, and applied to provide a outcome to patients.

TARGET: EHP was formed to better educate physicians in the interpretations of rapidographic modalities specifically ultrasound the technical skills and the reading. Physicans who would benefit from these programs would be radiologists, emergency physicans, general surgeons, family practice physicans, and internists who use radiology and or ultrasound in their practice.

Content: the content of this program is reading radiographs, and ultrasound as well as learning how to perform ultrasound.

Activites: Eduring materials -

  1. Internet based materials - Using a interactive multimedia program(s), the physican can interact with the film, and point and click on the film, and get immediate feedback
  2. Fax-back program - The physican can again get immediate feedback by faxing in a case and getting feedback within 24 hours.

Expected Results:the expected results are to improve the diagnostic ability of the physicans to reading radiographs, and learn how to perform ultrasound on atechnical level. We would like to see if the modality of ultrasound is used more and more in the future by non-radiologists. we hope our main message over time is communicated to the physican community how communication of results are lost.

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